About Mamma Hemp

Mamma Hemp strive to have the highest quality natural products for men and women. Due to the restorative and nourishing properties of hemp, we have based the majority of our cosmetics around hemp. Fear not though! We also offer a huge range of non-hemp goods to meet all of your skin care needs. We started our mission because we were not happy with the results most store bought cosmetics were giving us, as this was causing breakouts, dry skin and also having an impact on our household financially… It got to the point where we had enough and decided to make our own whilst ensuring we used the least amount of ingredients as necessary. Immediately we saw improvement in our skin complexions & how it rebalanced the oil in the face. This caused a lightbulb moment as all our struggles were solved by trying these alternate natural products and right there we knew other people needed to try a similar journey to us.

Firstly we started making the basic products such as shea butter moisturisers or sea moss face masks, But the more we researched the deeper this rabbit hole of finding the holy grail skincare products had gotten. We had realised the majority of skin types are very different and because of this it meant we had to broaden our range of products to meet the demands of all our customers. Doing so has caused us to categorise different types such as “oily” or “sensitive” which gives the buyer a sense of security as they will have an idea of what product will suit them.

Furthermore, we believe in being sustainable, eco-logical and ethical and will do so by reducing our plastic usage as-well as sourcing our products/ingredients from ethical places. For us to do this we will need to sell the left over amount of our plastic containers before we make enough to fully rebrand into glass reusable containers. The positive side of this is we do still offer full glass packaging for anyone who requires it but we must charge extra on top until we can factor this into our price. As well as Mamma hemp wanting to switch to plastic alternatives, we want to be as sustainable as positive meaning were cutting down on buying ingredients that are not fully natural as we believe synthetic ingredients are damaging to the earth and cause more industrial processing which can increase air pollution. We have marked all our products which are not fully natural to allow the buyer to have a choice in this matter.

Why did we choose hemp? Not only is hemp a packed with nutrients which can benefit the skin but its also very beneficial for the environment due to it having uses such as: Its one of the strongest plants for absorbing CO2 (22 tons per year every 1 hectare of hemp plants) , It takes 80% less water compared to cotton to make the same amount of fibre, It doesn’t need to be chemically processed or grown as it is a weed which can grow almost anywhere organically, it requires less land to grow as well which is very important in these times where land prices are going up which is also causing food prices to increase. Choosing hemp is the an ethical choice even if you buy something made up mainly from the hemp plant. Thats because its so much better for the environment compared to almost any other material.