Luxury Bathing Box – Popular house fragrance dupes – mamma hemp



  • 250g bath dust
  • 250g whipped shea & coconut scented moisturiser
  • 50g wax melt bar
  • 300ml foaming bodywash
  • 100ml room spray
  • 24 oz candle

Our bundle contains a bunch of well thought products to enhance your bathing, face care & household needs. Using popular fragrance dupes, we hope you enter your home to a wall of cosy sweet aromas that bless each room you use them in. Our team has worked vigorously to find products you can use in your daily cleaning & self care routine in hopes you get the most out of your purchase.

As this pack is fully customisable we offer a change of scents to anything in our list, as well as a change of ingredients if something doesn’t work for you. You can also mix and match fragrances, just write in notes the specifics for the products listed above.

Lastly we offer a gift packaging service for loved ones by adding black tissue paper , plush teddy, rose petals or a full size synthetic rose.

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  • 250g Bath salts
  • 250g Fizzing bath dust
  • 300ml Body spray
  • 50g Soap bar
  • 2x Fizzing bath bombs
  • 250g Shea & coconut body moisturiser

Bundle of scents to ensure you have a relaxing bathing experience over the winter months. Choose from our fragrance list & request a mix and match free of charge! We can customise your package to whatever you want including colours, custom labels & mixed fragrances.


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