Shungite Polished Black Pearl Bracelet – For energy protection


All shungite has veins and imperfections its part of the natural beauty of this amazing natural stone. The photograph is an illustration, every piece can vary slightly.

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Shungite Polished Black Pearl Bracelet-

Healing crystals have become abundantly popular in recent years due to the beliefs it can enhance the body, mind and soul.  One of the recent popular stones is shungite which comes from an ancient rock formation dating back to 2 billion years. <> This is a sought after crystal due to it being high in fullerenes (3d molecules made of 60 carbon atoms) aswell as nearly ALL of the minerals on the periodic table.

So where does this magical crystal come from? Many scientists are unsure where the origins of shungite come from, many believing it may have been a meteorite from over 2 billion years ago as there is no evidence of the crystal composition anywhere else but Karelia on earth!

Now back to why this 2 billion year old natural mineral is so important right now. Dating back to the era of Peter the great who was a Russian monarch in 1672-1725, Peter believed in the cleansing of the body by using springs in Karelia as natural spas. This was said to heal the body with a high antioxidant content and even purify the water which was then even used to strengthen the Russian soldiers.  Now due to recent studies we know Shungite has the ability to cleanse water by removing :

  • Phenol
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrates
  • Nitrites
  • Bacteria
  • Microorganisms

Although the infused water has been cleansed it still requires alkalisation treatment to be drinkable as shungite water is usually a ph of 3-5.5 as opposed to drinkable water having a average of 6.7-7.3.  More information here <>

Although water is known to enhance the powers of Shungite, there’s many other uses to still receive the healing properties ranging from having Shungite house ornaments , jewellery , cosmetic products or even adding it to paint! Using these other methods will still repel EMF’s & ground the person which can promote a meditative enviroment. There are other ways Shungite has been known to benefit users in day to day life such as absorbing negative energy which can possibly reduce stress, but the research is inconclusive so far with no proof behind this claim.

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